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LogoLike most of the ZECs in Quebec, the territory of the ZEC Pontiac was formerly comprised of several private clubs for hunting and fishing.organisme-en

In 1978, the Government of Quebec authorized a Nonprofit Organizations to manage these areas. At this time, the Pontiac Association reserve was created.

With an annual average of 1,000 members and hundreds of casual users, the Pontiac reserve association continues to invest in the development of the territory of the ZEC Pontiac. Thus, many hunters, fishermen and others outdoor enthusiasts can access a territory with interesting potential.


The Zec Pontiac overlaps the Pontiac and Gatineau Valey MRC’s. It is a home for all your favorite outdoor sporting activities. We have the best fishing in the Outaouais (accounts for 45% of all fish caught within the Outaouais ZEC’s). The Zec Pontiac will delight you with over 300 lakes scattered over a 1200 km2 area.

The brook trout is the most dominant fish specie in the territory. During the winter, you can fish for Brook trout on one of our stocked lakes. The diversity of the forest cover offers a high quality habitat for moose, white-tailed deer, black bear and ruffed grouse.

You can expect to enjoy a peaceful and pleasant stay when you holiday at one of our numerous rustic campsites or newly built cabins. Canoe-camping, hiking, picking wild fruit and using sea kayaks to explore the many lakes available are other interesting activities available in our magnificent territory.


The "Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF)", by means of protocol agreement, as confide to the zec Pontiac reserve association the power to plan, organize, manage and restrict exploitation and preservation of the wildlife's landscape territory.


The Zec Pontiac offers the hunting enthusiast the opportunity to hunt the following game:

The white-tailed deer

CerfAfter several years of cutting timber, the deer population has increased significantly (the take has risen from 15 deer in 1999 to 122 deer in 2004). Come and try your luck.


Orignal 3The moose population remains relatively stable even though they have been a heavily targeted group. Only 10% of the hunters are successful in their hunt for this majestic specie. You could be part of that group.

Black bear

Ours NoirBlack bear hunting is still not yet popular in the zec. There has been recorded success of kills weighing over 300 lbs.

You can receive more information to make your trip more enjoyable by contacting us at 819-463-3183.

If you wish to engage a guide, we can help direct you towards the guides that are commercially authorized to operate in the Zec Pontiac.

Small game

Gelinotte HuppeeSmall game hunting is very popular in the zec Pontiac. Certain areas offer an ideal habitat for ruffed grouse (partridge) and the hare.


La zec Pontiac offre aux pêcheurs sportifs une gamme intéressante d'espèces.The zec Pontiac offers the sports fishermen the following interesting range of species.

  • Truite mouchetée (omble de fontaine)Brook trout
  • Truite grise (Touladi)Lake trout
  • Doré JauneWalleye
  • BrochetPike
  • AchiganBass

Winter fishing

Winter fishing is exceptionally good. It is not rare to capture a brook trout weighing more than 1kg. Here is the list of open lakes for the winter season :

Opened lakes for Brook trout only:

Lac Leblanc
Lac du Dépôt

Many of these lakes are only accessible by snowmobile .

Peche Christian 2To do winter fishing, your need to purchase a winter season fishing pass or a day pass. The regular spring and summer permit does not authorize fishing during winter season. Please remember to register every time you enter into the zec.

Welcome Centre

Poste Hibou

(From the 2nd Friday of May to the mid-November)

Poste HibouYou can expect to obtain quality service at all our four welcome stations, our office is located in Gracefield and at our autorized agents (see Sales outlets and hours of businesses section in the useful information section in our main menu).

Off season registration

(December to April)

You can get information and access rights from the zec Pontiac office in Gracefield. It is possible to record and obtain access rights by telephone using a Visa or Mastercard credit card. You can also get you access rights via the authorized dealers (see section Sales outlets and hours of businesses in the useful information section of the main menu).


- Area: 465.25 mi²
- Number of body of water: 350 lakes
- Aquatic resources exploitable: brook trout, walleye, lake trout, pike, bass, whitefish
Wildlife and land-winged: deer, moose, black bear, hare, ruffed grouse.
- Biophysical-Caractétistiques: The territory of the ZEC Pontiac is located in the physiographic region of the Canadian Shield. Its terrain is characterized by rolling hills and plateaus with corrugated surfaces with altitudes ranging between 300 and 600 meters. Its geological structure includes crystalline and metamorphic rocks of Precambrian. Its vegetation is characterized by the bioclimatic domain maple-yellow birch.
The association landscape spawning sites and seeded some water bodies in order to maintain or improve the quality of fishing.


Name Position
Lucien Léveillée Président
Andrée Bertrand Vice-Président
Réjean Picotin Administrateur
Mario Renaud Secrétaire trésorier
Robert Sévigny Administrateur
Jean-Louis Brouillard Administrateur
Régis Doiron Adminstrateur
Michel Renaud Administrateur
Jean-Christophe Clément Administrateur
Nicolas Mallet Administrateur
Denis Lapratte Administrateur


Name Position
Abigaël Guénette Directeur général
Manon Blais Adjointe administrative
Lee Bernatchez Préposé à l'accueil Hibou
Marcel Beaudoin Préposé à l'entretien
David Sarrazin Préposé a l’accueil au Hibou
Florent Lafond Patrouilleur